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Manrell Hall - Up Close in Detail

As Manrell Hall begins to take shape on the west side of campus, you can start to see the foundations of what will be different parts of the new Middle School. The design of Manrell Hall was undertaken following extensive consultation with faculty, staff, and parents. Manrell Hall will provide students a unique educational experience while incorporating innovative, state-of-the-art learning settings and increased school life opportunities

We encourage you to take a look at the design plans to get a close up look at each space.

I've heard mention of a new Learning Commons. What is it?
The Learning Commons will serve the Middle and Senior School students to facilitate group projects and collaborative learning. Situated on the north side of Manrell Hall it will be comprised of the library, Student Services, and the Learning Centre.

What is the Founders Atrium?
Founders Atrium, inside the entrance to Manrell Hall, is a place of gathering for the Vancouver College community. Anticipated to be a social hub in the new building, the Founders Atrium will celebrate and showcase the history of Vancouver College and honour Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

Where is the cafeteria going to be?
On the south side of Manrell Hall is our new Dining Hall, to be named after the Vancouver College Parents Association, and include a brand new state of the art kitchen and patio outside with covered overhang. At 1.5 times the size of the current cafeteria, the new larger Dining Hall will allow us to hold banquets, receptions, and other celebrations on campus.

How many classrooms will Manrell Hall have?
Manrell Hall will have 18 classrooms, 12 on the second floor and 6 on the third. In total, there will be 16 classrooms for the Middle School and 2 for Senior School students all larger than our current biggest classroom. These flexible classroom spaces will provide dynamic learning environments so that teachers can easily move from large to small group learning in the course of a class and will be outfitted with leading edge educational technology.

I've heard the building described as 2 ½ storeys. How can you have ½ a storey?
In addition to the 6 classrooms on the third floor of Manrell Hall, the top storey of the building features an outdoor rooftop area that offers the opportunity for fair weather outdoor class, studying, collaborative group work and small events in the open air.

Does the Campus Redevelopment Plans include a pool and tennis court?
A swimming pool was considered as an addition to campus during the very early planning phase of our campus redevelopment. The concept was deliberated and due to the financial and operational needs required to manage a pool, it is not a viable option for Vancouver College at this time.

While Vancouver College did, at one point, have its own tennis court, the VC Tennis Team now utilizes the wonderful facilities at Queen Elizabeth Park.

How does the new building facilitate learning outside of the classroom?
The new building will enhance the social and collaborative elements of learning with well-planned learning spaces everywhere. Informal learning spaces strategically located outside classrooms allow peer-to-peer learning and self-study.


Want to hear more about Manrell Hall? The Advancement Office is happy to meet with you to discuss the plans for the new building. Contact Director of Advancement, Ronith Cogswell, at