Grade 4 Letters to Principal Johnny Bevacqua
The Grade 4 students wrote letters to Principal Bevacqua regarding their "future school" for their class assignment!

" ... I think building a new school is fantastic besides all the expenses. That is nice that I can get a fresh start in Middle School. I'd also like to say thank you so much for all of you efforts and your hard work. I think it really paid off. I predict VC will have another successful and great next century."



Thank you, Tristan. With our community's full support, I too predict that Vancouver College will continue to be a great school in our next century.

" ... Thank you for putting your time and effort on setting up the new school. I think there should be a place where you can eat outside. Thank you for making this school an amazing place."



Thank you, Isaac. They say great minds think alike! Our architects from Acton Ostry have designed an outdoor eating area, which will be adjacent to our new dining hall. It'll be covered and heated so you can use it even in the winter.

" ... I would like to make some suggestions about our school. I hope that we can have sculpture class where we can build lots of sculpture and art works. ... I appreciate that you make the school such a great and fun place to go to. You have strong ability and have successfully made a great contribution to the school..."



Great suggestions, Collin, thank you. Manrell Hall will have an area in the 2nd floor called Makers Space, which includes the Art Room and Computer Lab. Students will be able to use their imagination and create things. You'll get to use your hands and make things including sculptures.

"... Mr. Bevacqua, I think you should make a chemistry lab in the new school. I think you should because children like us want to do some experiments that you can't do in a classroom or at home ..."



Thank you for your suggestion, Dario. In our new Elementary School, there will be a Science Room for our elementary students so they can run experiments and make a mess (which you can't do at home). This building is part of the next phase, which we hope to start in September and finish by spring of 2020.

"... Mr. Bevacqua, may we have an ice cream maker because people really like ice cream and you can make more money out of ice cream than you spend. Also may you make a bigger gym because we need a bigger area to play games like soccer?"



I love ice cream too, Kayden, and I'm sure we can enjoy cold treats on special occasions. As for a bigger gym, when the second building is built, Elementary students will have their own gym and will no longer have to cross the street to Cartier Hall. We're grateful to Sts. Peter and Paul for letting us use Cartier Hall for so many years.

"I like how our new school is going to turn out, I have heard a lot about it. I was wondering if it is earthquake proof because sometimes I think that it is not the best time to be inside during an earthquake. I think that we should be outside where it is safer. ..."


Nathan, the hockey boy

Thanks, Nathan – the hockey boy! You make an excellent point and safety is definitely one of our priorities. The new buildings will be earthquake proof for sure. We'll still practice our drills and go on the field because you're right, outside is safer.