Important Announcement from Vancouver College Board Chair

Please find attached an important announcement from Vancouver College Board Chair, Sue Dvorak that we wish to share with our community. 

The Advancement Office Welcomes a New Member

The Advancement Office is pleased to share that Karen Turfel will be re-joining our team as Donor Services Officer.

Karen spent over a year as Vancouver College’s Advancement Services Officer in 2015-2016 and is looking forward to supporting the final stages of the Our Next Century Campaign.

After VC she worked in Advancement and Development at Mulgrave and then Notre Dame Secondary.

Our Next Century hits 33 Million!

We give thanks to our community of giving, inspired by members of our Campaign Cabinet under the leadership of campaign co-chairs Chris and Rebecca Sherry, and Mark Brown, Chair of the Advancement Committee.

Through the support of many families, alumni and friends, we raised $6.5 Million in 2018/19 bringing our total for Our Next Century to $33 Million.

We remain confident that the next years will continue to be successful and that we finish strong. The cost of the two buildings is $43 Million and with our community's ongoing support and unified efforts, we hope to raise as close to this figure as possible not only to ensure completion of the building but also to fortify the school's financial well-being and sustainability for years to come.

From the Director of Advancement - Lighting Up 27!

Manrell Hall opened on the 4th of September on time and under budget. I stood by the doors where I felt the excitement and watched the expression on the boys and their parents' faces. Many were amazed with the new learning spaces and in awe that they could actually be in it after 18 months of construction. Nicholas, a grade 8 student, visited me in my new office and said, "Mrs. Cogswell, when you told me at Mayfair that Manrell Hall would be finished by September, I didn't believe you. You were right!"

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Board of Directors Approves Construction of the Second Phase

The Vancouver College Board of Directors voted unanimously on May 3, 2018 to proceed with the second phase of our campus redevelopment immediately following completion of the first phase, our new Middle School, Manrell Hall. This exciting decision provides a replacement for our ageing, seismically challenged buildings with a safe, leading edge learning environment.

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Manrell Hall Allows us to Further Realize our Teaching & Learning Priorities

It has been three years since we launched our Continuous School Improvement Plan as part of Campus Renewal and Planning Vision. This plan provides a strategic process for ensuring that our faith and learning community is always reflecting, learning and providing exemplary teaching and learning experiences for students, faculty and staff.

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Celebrating $26 Million

Vancouver College is the great school that it is because of the unwavering support of our community of families, alumni and friends who truly believe in the school's mission. In the last three months, through the generosity of many families, Our Next Century raised $3 Million bringing our cumulative total to $26 Million.

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Grade 4 Letters to Principal Johnny Bevacqua
The Grade 4 students wrote letters to Principal Bevacqua regarding their "future school" for their class assignment!

" ... I think building a new school is fantastic besides all the expenses. That is nice that I can get a fresh start in Middle School. I'd also like to say thank you so much for all of you efforts and your hard work. I think it really paid off. I predict VC will have another successful and great next century."



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