• Considerable progress is made on the installation of the exterior curtain wall and the glass in the window frames. Insulation is visible where the red brick wall will be built.
  • The steel frames for the large windows on the north and south elevations are installed.
  • In the meantime mechanical and electrical is complete on level 2.



  • VC Administration worked with the architects and suppliers to prepare to order the furniture needed for the new building.
  • More of the masonry is completed on the exterior walls. All windows are glazed except the central portion of the east wall which awaits completion of the installation of the brick walls on that side of the building.
  • Drywall is installed throughout the building.



  • Drywall installation, including taping and mudding, is close to completion. Flooring levelling has started on Levels 2 and 3 and installation of the resilient floor covering will follow. Tile, grout and fixture installation in washrooms took place.
  • Mechanical and electrical installation continued.
  • The berm along Cartier Street was removed, except the small area around the BC Hydro pole. This removal facilitates the installation of the sidewalk and landscaping.
  • Tenders are issued for all of the sub trades for the demolition of the old buildings and the construction of the second phase of the project.



  • Exterior brick laying continues. After the east wall brickwork is completed in late April, the large glass window will be installed, thus completing the glazing.
  • The design and ordering of the signage and environmental graphics is underway. Furniture is ordered for August delivery.
  • The electrical control room for the whole campus is being completed in Manrell Hall and is expected to be switched on late in April.
  • Bids for the second phase are received and analyzed in preparation for the Board’s decision on whether to proceed immediately with the second phase or wait for further fundraising.



  • The exterior finishes of Manrell Hall proceed towards completion. Focus is on all the details of the interior of Manrell Hall, including such as millwork, ceramic tiles in the washrooms, installations of light fixtures and the like.



  • As the building moves quickly towards completion, details inside and out are addressed.



  • The work on all the details to complete the building continues throughout July.
  • Manrell Hall is commissioned and the City grants the Occupancy Permit on or about July 31.



  • Move–in commences in preparation for the start of school on September 4.



  • Manrell Hall opens for classes on time.  It was finished slightly under budget with about $250,000 of unspent contingency funds added to the contingency budget for the second phase.   
  • The four old buildings are vacated and surrendered to the contractor on September 10 so that the four-month process of demolition can commence.



  • The Blessing and Dedication of Manrell Hall is officiated by Most Reverend J. Michael Miller, CSB, Archbishop of Vancouver in front of over 500 guests, including donors, parents, alumni, and friends of the school, plus 1,050 VC students.
  • The building is dedicated to the honour of Tod and Irene Manrell and their family in appreciation for their transformational gift of $5 Million towards the cost of construction.
  • The City of Vancouver issues the Abatement Permit on October 3. This permit authorizes the removal of hazardous materials within the walls of the old buildings under the supervision of an environmental consultant.  



  • A series of design review meetings are held with groups of users of phase 1B to ensure that the design continues to reflect the wishes of those who will use the new building.  
  • The hazardous materials abatement is completed on November 22, clearing the way for the City to grant the Demolition Permit on November 30.  Let the walls come tumbling down!



  • Design work on environmental graphics, along with demolition work start and proceed through December.