• The City issued a Stage 1 abatement permit in January this month to permit removal of the drywall inside the building. Following certification by the environmental consultant that all hazardous materials were safely removed the City issued the Stage 2 permit.
  • Brothers’ Residence carefully dismantled which moves us closer to breaking ground on the new Middle School, Manrell Hall. What follows next is the sorting of materials, scheduled to take a few weeks, into waste, recyclables, and reusable resources.


  • On February 16, 2017 Vancouver College broke ground on our new Middle School, Manrell Hall. Formerly the Christian Brothers’ residence for 37 years, the new Middle School has been named after supporters Tod and Irene Manrell. Read the full press release.


  • Site demolition completed and site preparation continued to prepare the site for construction.


  • The city issued the Development Permit on April 7, 2017 and the Building Permit on April 13, 2017. The permits allow Vancouver College to begin construction on Manrell Hall.

  • Near the end of the April, Civil works testing was conducted in the courtyard and around campus for sewer and water line replacement which will be done throughout the summer.


  • Civil works proceeding with replacing sewer, water and natural gas line connections as well as electrical conduits on campus.


  • Asphalt is laid in the courtyard as a temporary measure until the end of project.
  • Second floor of Manrell Hall is placed, with foundation work established for pipes and electrical circuits.


  • Third floor of Manrell Hall is poured. As well, the VCPA Dining Hall begins to take shape.


  • Construction proceeds with plumbing and wiring, while steel studs and insulation sheathing on exterior walls are being placed.