February 23 and March 2, 2016

Following the Board of Directors’ approval of the master plan in September 2015 and further consulation with faculty and staff in January 2016, two Town Hall Sessions for the VC Community were held in early spring 2016.

The purpose of these evenings was to present site plans to parents, alumni, and friends and to show how input received from faculty, staff, and parents were integrated into the project design. There were brief presentations by President John Nixon, Principal Johnny Bevacqua, and Alex Percy from Acton Ostry Architects, while the bulk of the meeting was dedicated to “Town Hall” style discussions and Q&A.


  • Haebler Construction was chosen as the General Contractor for the project.


  • Pre-application consultations with City of Vancouver planners began in January 2016 and the formal application for our Development Permit was filed on June 2
  • A neighbourhood meeting was held to discuss the redevelopment project and the work-in-progress plans.


  • The VCL Board of Directors approved the project budget at their September meeting
  • A second neighbourhood meeting was held to clarify concerns regarding the redevelopment project. In attendance were specific experts to better address key issues, including: project architects, landscape architect, and transportation engineer.


  • The Our Next Century campaign was officially launched on October 5th through a campus-wide celebration. The event included the official unveiling of a major transformational gift of $5 million from the Manrell family, to be honoured through the new middle school, Manrell hall.
  • The installation of the campaign thermometer was also revealed, showing $15 raised to date at the time of the event.


  • A farewell gathering took place for the Christian Brothers in their residence in celebration and gratitude for their years on campus and generosity with offering their home as the grounds for the new Middle School, Manrell Hall.
  • The Christian Brothers moved into their new temporary home in the Saint John Paul II Pastoral Center in Vancouver
  • The technical information and drawing were submitted for the Building Permit. The Architects used a Certified Professional to review the submission to ensure the proposal meets building codes and other requirements. This step is intended to speed up the review process but City officials are required to check the details prior issuing the Building Permit. We anticipate the Building Permit in early February.
  • The sub contracts and trades for the first phase were tendered in November and, following scrutiny of the bids for completeness and other technical qualifications, these contracts will be awarded in February.


  • Following careful analysis to determine whether any hazardous materials exist within the building materials, an abatement strategy was created. This strategy uses containment and negative air pressure to assure that dust (and materials) does not escape. Any potentially hazardous materials were removed using the prescribed and safe methods.
  • All of the DP conditions were met in December and Acton Ostry Architects are working with the City officials to answer any remaining questions.