Vancouver College is a legacy of generous support from families, alumni, staff, and friends since the day it opened in 1922. The Our Next Century Campaign consolidates all fundraising efforts of Vancouver College, the Vancouver College Millennium Foundation, and the Vancouver College Parents Association into one comprehensive campaign from the 2014-2015 school year until the 2020-2021 school year. The Campaign emerged from an extensive visioning process that resulted in a long-term strategic plan developed by the school's educational leaders. This plan is a key means through which the school’s academic vision of the school will be implemented.

Thanks to our many generous supporters, we reached the $36 Million mark. We look forward to raising funds for Our Next Century to get us closer to $43 Million, the actual project cost. For photos and videos of our campus redevelopment journey, check out the Our Next Century updates



In the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, Vancouver College pursues to graduate men of faith and learning.

In this Internet fuelled, mobile, connected, and networked age of information, the role of schools and education is even more critical for today’s youth. Vancouver College sees its role as a fundamental and crucial one; a role that is much needed in the development of its students through a strong academic program based on moral grounding and value system that come from faith. Spiritual integrity is ingrained in students throughout their years at Vancouver College so they graduate with strong moral values and a sense of compassion, fairness, and social justice.

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  • Thanks  to the generosity of our community, the New Lannon Hall officially opened in September for Elementary School students, the administrative staff, and the Christian Brothers.

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  • The old VC is demolished with the exception of the iconic VC facade. On March 13, the community gathered to bless and break ground for the new Elementary School/Administration  building (New Lannon Hall).    

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  • Manrell Hall opened in September for classes. The elementary school  and middle school students shared this building while the demolition of the old heritage buildings was in progress.  The Blessing and Dedication of Manrell Hall took place in October and was officiated by Most Reverend J. Michael Miller, CSB, Archbishop of Vancouver in front of over 500 guests, including donors, parents, alumni, and friends of the school, plus 1,050 VC students.   

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  • On  February 16, 2017,  Vancouver College broke ground on our new Middle School, Manrell Hall. Formerly the Christian Brothers’ residence for 37 years, the new Middle School has been named after supporters Tod and Irene Manrell.

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  • Following the Board of Directors’ approval of the master plan in September 2015 and further consultation with faculty and staff in January 2016, two Town Hall Sessions for the VC Community were held in early spring 2016. The Our Next Century campaign was officially launched on October 5th     through a campus-wide celebration. 

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  • As the first step of the Redevelopment Predesign Phase, Acton Ostry Architects consulted with VC’s teachers and staff to create the educational vision for the project.  

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  • The Board of Directors commissioned  an engineering analysis  which concluded that Mackin and Nichol Halls required seismic upgrading and that Lannon and McCormack Halls needed to be replaced.   In November 2013, the Board estimated  that $36 million is needed to renew the campus.


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Johnny Bevacqua Ronith Cogswell
President Director of Advancement

Chantal Coschizza

Karen Teufel


Joanne Lin

Communications Officer


Donor Services Officer







Advancement Services

& Alumni Relations


Members of the Advancement Committee/Our Next Century Campaign Cabinet:

Rebecca Grinti-Sherry and Chris Sherry
Campaign Co-Chairs

Current Members: Johnny Bevacqua, Mark Brown (VC'86), Jonathan Burke, Mabel Chanpong, Ronith Cogswell,

Stanley Dee (VC'86), Martin Ertl (VC ’88), Bernie Hensel (VC'86), George Tsafalas, Daryl Weaver, Edward Wright, Susan Yurkovich

Ad Hoc/Former Members: Angela Chiu, Anastase Maragos, Michael McIsaac (VC'87), Michele Morandini,

John Nixon (VC '69), Anne-Marie Platt, Sonia Wu, Amy Zuo